Dr. Andres Karjus
Senior Research Fellow
School of Humanities
Tallinn University


Andres wants to know why and how all languages and cultures keep changing over time. To that end, he makes use of a variety of methods - machine learning applied to large text corpora, computational simulations, and communication experiments with human participants.


Andres Karjus is a computational linguist who recently completed his PhD on the topic of lexical dynamics at the Centre for Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh. He studies language and culture using a combination of text corpora, computational simulations and human experiments. All these approaches produce lots of information, usually too much to analyze qualitatively - this is where careful application of machine learning and rigorous statistical modelling can help to make sense of (and make predictions based on) the data. Andres is currently engaged in a number of projects, involving artificial language experiments, looking into changes in language in social and traditional media, and investigating dynamics of visual art complexity. He also teaches occasional workshops and courses on data visualization and R.

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