Antonina Korepanova
Junior Research Fellow
Baltic Film, Media and Arts School
Tallinn University


Antonina studies cognitive modelling in art education and the usage of cultural data in online art education.


Antonina is a junior research fellow and a PhD student at Baltic Film Media and Arts school, Tallinn University. Her research interests (cognitive modeling, and the usage of cultural data in online art education) are linked with CUDAN project. She has a bachelor’s degree in Arts; after graduation from the Academy of Arts (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) in 2018, she completed a master’s degree at the University of Tartu (2020, Estonia). Trained as a set designer in Russia, she worked in theatre, monumental painting, and art education. The master’s degree in Educational Technology opened to Antonina new prospects for art education, as well as the need for research in this area. Antonina envisions cognitive science and cultural data analytics as a promising union for the creation of a new kind of art school.

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