CUDAN@ Semiosalong talk series

When: 2021-04-29 19:00-21:00 (Tallinn time)
Where: Semiosalong (online)

The event was public via zoom:
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Abstract – CUDAN Junior Research Fellow Mark Mets will give a talk at the Semiosalong talk series on Cultural Data and Semiotics: Transformations and Systems. Digital culture and digitalization of culture create vast amounts of data; it transforms our cultures and societies as well as our academic meaning-making about them. There is a growing awareness about the limitations and dangers of using such data, but also about the possibilities it provides for academic research. This topic has not been ignored in semiotics. Different scholars have seen the importance of semiotics as a way to critically approach the big data as well as to work towards a systemic understanding of culture with big data and multidisciplinary research. Semiotics can also provide a better understanding of different transformations related to data from various modalities. This presentation gives a short insight into the topic of cultural data analysis by discussing some of the existing semiotic approaches in this direction, relating them to the topic of transformations, and raises questions about possible future research directions.

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