CUDAN@ 8th Estonian Digital Humanities Conference

When: 2022-10-05 to 2022-10-07
Where: Tallinn University, Tallinn


Abstract – CUDAN Open Lab is one of the organisers of 8th Estonian Digital Humanities Conference. CUDAN team will be represented by three separate presentations:

CUDAN ERA Chair Maximilian Schich will give a keynote talk on “Summarizing Cultural Dynamics – A Guided Tour”

CUDAN Senior Research Fellows Andres Karjus and Vejune Zemaityte together with CUDAN ERA Chair Maximilian Schich, CUDAN faculty Indrek Ibrus and Ulrike Rohn will give a talk on “Exploring Estonian Public Television Production 2004-2020 Using Big Programming Data”

CUDAN Junior Research Fellow Mark Mets and CUDAN Senior Research Fellow Andres Karjus will give a talk on “Stance Classification With Large Language Models in Estonian Written Media”


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