Boris Müller and Ilias Kyriazis - Data Visualisations as Cultural Images

When: 2023-02-13 14:00-16:00 (Tallinn time)
Where: online

The event is public via zoom: Websites: [](

Abstract – The UCLAB (Urban Complexity Lab) is an interdisciplinary research group at the Fachhochschule Potsdam, Germany. It is situated between interface design, computer science, and the humanities. Their work revolves around information visualisation with a particular focus on the challenges and questions arising from social, cultural, and technological transformations.

At the UCLAB, they regard visualisations as cultural images. Their approach to the development of visualisations is not only driven by enhancing insights and understanding. They also consider it to be a deeply cultural activity. In their understanding, visualisations are cultural images that reflect the complexities of data and information related to a context.

In this sense, a visualisation is an artefact in itself and not just a neutral conduit for data. A visualisation helps us to relate to information — and it obviously shapes the way we perceive it. But just like with a photo, we should not only recognise what is depicted — we need to recognise the picture itself.

Additional information:

Boris Müller is Professor for Interaction Design in Potsdam (Germany) and co-director of the Urban Complexity Lab - a research space at the intersection of design, science and the humanities. He has received a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Hochschule für Künste Bremen (College of Art and Design Bremen, Germany) and a MA in Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art London. After being a visiting Professor at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, he became a Professor for Interaction Design at the Interface Design programme at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. His award-winning work focuses on generative design, data visualisation and science communication.

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